Featured Mover

Adrienne Howe

What is your occupation?

Vice Principal-Lancaster Catholic High School

How long have you taken classes at Move It Studio?

Just had my 2 year anniversary!

Why did you start taking classes at Move It Studio?

It was a Mother's Day gift from my husband and kids. I danced as a girl and they knew I would most likely love it and they were right! I was hooked after the first class.

What is your favorite part of taking classes at Move It Studio?

It blends my love of fitness, music, and dance, and truly is my happy place. I also love the variety and differences in style each teacher brings. It's fun, never boring, and a great workout!

What have you gained from your time with us?

I have gained being a part of a community that I feel truly cares about my health and fitness journey. It is a fantastic feeling being surrounded by strong women who deal with busy and stressful lives just like me, and see that well being and health is a priority. Very validating!

What would you say to someone considering to start taking barre classes?

Do it! It's like nothing you've ever tried before and absolutely anyone can do this. Exercise makes us feel good. I can be having a stressful day and after a class of barre and great music I am recharged. I would recommend barre to anyone looking for a new and challenging addition to their fitness routine.


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