Our Story

Move It was born out of a lifetime of experience. Studio owner, Marie, took all of the things she loved most about the dance world and put them into Move It Studio. You’ll notice right away that we are different. We don’t focus on looking a certain way or weight loss. We are about energizing your life and we want you to leave every class feeling rejuvenated.

Marie spent her whole life focusing on creative expression through movement. At the age of 6 she decided she would be a professional ballet dancer. She trained every summer away from home from the age of 11 and attended performing arts boarding high school at the age of 16. After being offered a performing contract her senior year, it was clear that the unhealthy aspects of the ballet world really were taking their toll.

Move It Studio’s First Ad for the First Opening on East King Street in Lancaster

She switched gears, went to college and resolved to be done with dance. That didn’t happen, but she did discover that she could enjoy performing in other ways. Throughout her undergraduate education, she performed with an African American dance company, a college dance company, and an intergenerational dance company while choreographing her own work. She became an established local performer and choreographer with Rev9 Dance Company, Remote Dance Company, and Cobalt Dance Company after graduating.

A commitment to movement and wellness led her to develop her own barre class, Move It Barre (formerly Ballet Fitt) in addition to pursuing certifications in Pilates through Balanced Body University® while working on her Master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. After teaching throughout Central Pennsylvania at many different studios and colleges, a friend reached out about an available space. Two months later in August of 2014, the doors to the first Move It Studio opened after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Since opening, Move It has been in perpetual motion. From Marie’s expanding family, to opening, closing, and expanding studios, there’s been a lot of transition. But one thing has always stayed the same, Move It is about empowering you through movement! Marie’s experience in the ballet world taught her the importance of loving yourself. That focus imbues everything we do.

After having Paloma, Marie began offering babywearing barre classes and opened a second location.

We do this because we love movement and we love seeing people like you learn to move their bodies in new ways. What we love more than anything is to see the sense of accomplishment on the faces of each Move It client as they leave the studio.

Marie with her two children, Paloma and Rafael (who was born as they expanded the Manheim Township studio).

Our Mission

Movement to energize your body, mind, and spirit.

Our Vision

Everyone who walks through our doors will feel seen and know that they are enough. This is a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community.

Our Values

Authenticity – keeping it real with ourselves

Integrity – keeping it real through our actions

Connection – keeping it real with each other

Hope – keeping it real through trusting in the higher good


As a business owned by a multiracial woman, we are committed to doing our part to dismantle racism in the wellness world. For too long, wellness has been restricted to people with light skin. We are working to change this through: antiracism education for staff, actively seeking out black-owned brands to carry, developing teacher training scholarships, seeking out BIPOC clients, building an inclusive atmosphere, and supporting antiracist causes financially.

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Studio Owner and Founder Marie Cleaves Rothacker (July 2020) navigating business during a pandemic.


A Wish for the New Year
A Wish for the New Year
My Move It Manifesto: Marie’s Message to You
My Move It Manifesto: Marie’s Message to You

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