Lancaster Dance: A Works-in-Progress Show

Guest Post by Stacia Sleight

Dance is everywhere: On TV, viral youtube videos, in magazines and even wedding processionals. Although we all love a good music video dance (especially if it’s Beyonce), we as viewers never get to see the real magic behind what makes these performances special. Aren’t you curious how these works are created?

Move It Studio invites you to see dance in a special way at our 2nd Annual Works-In-Progress Showing. Dance works will be presented unfinished which gives you a rare look inside the hard work that goes into creating a dance piece. With performances from 10 Lancaster County dance artists, now is your time to see the creative process in action.

Please join us on February 6th at 7:30pm for the 2nd Annual Works-In-Progress Show! The show is free, but reservations are suggested because seating is limited. To reserve your seat, click here:

Dances in this year’s Works-In-Progress Show are sure to resonate with each of you in a unique way. You will explore dance works that are inspired by a variety of societal and personal concepts including racism, music, death and mortality, ever growing self-knowledge, and more.

Want to share your thoughts on each dance? We encourage you to write down your anonymous feedback after each dance is performed! Audience feedback is immensely helpful for choreographers in finishing their dance work, so let those thoughts fly! You have the power to help shape dance in Lancaster. (pens and paper provided)

For more information, please see our Facebook Event:

See you on February 6th at 7:30pm! Wine reception following



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