Frequently Asked Questions

What is Move It Barre?

Barre classes are a fast-growing fitness trend that combine ballet-based exercises with Pilates to create a full-body workout. They focus on high-repetition of small movements to strengthen and tone the body. Move It Barre is different than other barre methods in that it focuses on maintaining a neutral spine in order to protect the joints. We’ve found that you can still get an amazing workout without tucking! Another Move It Barre signature is the music; with each exercise choreographed to flow in the style of a dance class. This barre fitness method was developed by studio owner Marie Cleaves Rothacker who personally trains each teacher at the studio.


What is your refund policy?

Move It Studio classes and workshops are prepaid. We do not offer refunds or exchanges and do our best to stick to the expiration dates that we communicate in order to remain fair to all clients. You will receive an email notification when your class pass or membership is about to expire. If you have extenuating circumstances that have prevented you from using your class purchase, please email

Expiration dates for class passes are as follows:

New Client Special 2 Weeks Unlimited – two weeks from first use
10 class pass – 3 month expiration from date of purchase

How soon will I see results?

The quickest results come from taking class 2 to 3 times a week and we have lots of options to make that possible for you. We choose to focus on strength and stamina rather than pounds and size at Move It Studio. What we do know is that if you take Move It Barre, you’ll get stronger, firmer, and feel better!  Check out our client testimonials to hear what our clients have to say.

What can I expect from my first Move It Barre class?

Since Move It Barre works muscles we don’t usually use in daily life in high-repetition, you might feel muscles you never knew you had! It will be challenging, but you’ll get through it and you’ll want more. Your body will shake, your mind will be engaged, and you’ll leave feeling taller and prouder of what your body can accomplish. Our teachers are here to help, so if you need any modifications, make sure to talk with your teacher before class. And remember, no one is judging you, it’s hard for everyone and that’s a good thing!

What do I wear to a Move It Barre class?

Whatever you would normally wear to workout is just fine for Move It Barre. We do recommend ToeSox which can be purchased at the studio ($15 – $26) since they provide grip and protect your feet during class. Otherwise, class is taken barefoot.

Do I need dance experience to take a Move It Barre class?

No experience required! Move It Barre classes are ballet-based, but we keep it simple so that anyone can take it. That being said, many dancers do love the class since it works the same muscles and flows with the music.

Do I have to sign up online ahead of time?

We highly recommend that you reserve your spot online before coming to the studio. This way, we can make sure to have your mat set up for you ahead of time and you’ll know that we have a spot waiting for you. All Move It Barre classes are limited to 12 people for Move It Barre and 4 people for Pilates Equipment. This allows us to give the personal attention needed to give you the best workout possible. If you don’t feel comfortable using our online registration system, feel free to call 717-925-9970 to reserve.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We ask that you cancel your reservation within 2 hours of class start time so that we can free up your spot for someone else. Otherwise, we charge your class pass or a $15 fee for unlimited members. You can cancel easily by logging into your account.

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