Special Event: Pop-Up Shop with Charm + Magic

May you find creative pauses of opening and closing. Big adventure intertwined with nourishing sustenance, preferably on a picnic blanket.

May the inhale be deep and unhurried; flooding your body to feed your spirit. Allowing the exhale to be a natural response, a conversation with what was just received.

May you trust that the depths you travel will serve as a launching pad to higher heights.

May you access your center while in motion.

May your heart intuit the answers your mind may be searching for, as you follow the breadcrumbs while present to the support around you.

May you thrive.

These are Leah Fox’s words and this is what her jewelry represents. On August 9, we’ll treat you to a 30 minute class followed by a pop-up shop with charm + magic, the beaded creations of Leah Fox.

Supporting women-owned businesses is a priority at Move It Studio and we seek out brands that embody what we stand for: empowering women through movement. That’s why we work with brands like DYI (Define Your Inspiration), Baggu, and Teleties to bring you unique fashion-forward merchandise with a purpose.

Leah Fox, a mother, a maker, a yogi, a dancer, and overall an artist will bring her handmade beadwork to Move It Studio for a pop-up shop following a FREE 30 minute class at 6:30 PM on August 9. The perfect event to bring a friend, all you have to do is reserve your spot online! Get first look at Leah’s creations during this special event. Move It Studio will be the exclusive store outlet for Charm + Magic and will carry a curated collection moving forward.



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