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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a movement teacher? Maybe you can’t stop picturing some arm circle choreography when you’re listening to the radio. Maybe you can’t get that Pilates prop sequence out of your head. Maybe you’re just looking to deepen your understanding of what is actually behind the energizing classes you love at Move It Studio. This spring is the time to enrich your understanding and push yourself beyond your comfort zone through the teacher training programs we offer.

Move It Studio is quickly becoming a destination for teacher training in the area with both programs in Move It Barre and traditional Pilates (Mat and Reformer). Move It Barre, developed by owner Marie Cleaves Rothacker, takes a unique approach to barre fitness through both it’s alignment and flow with the music. Each Move It Barre teacher competes both a weekend long training and apprenticeship before consideration for employment at Move It Studio. Each year, trainees comment on how the weekend portion of the training was a valuable learning experience and like a movement retreat. This training is now open to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Move It Barre even if they decide not to move on to the apprenticeship.

For the second year in a row, Deb Nehlig, Master Pilates Teacher and the Pilates Program Coordinator at Move It Studio is facilitating the Pilates Teacher Training Program. In partnership with Body Precision Pilates, each trainee is taught in the classical approach to Pilates with a curriculum recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance. Weekend options are available and those working towards certification will also complete a rigorous apprenticeship with a nationally recognized certification.

Traditionally, barre and Pilates teachers have had to travel to metropolitan areas to complete both weekend and apprenticeship programs. Move It Studio is the first studio in Lancaster to offer these teacher training programs in a supportive and personalized atmosphere. To learn more about becoming a teacher, please visit the Teacher Training page and complete your application. In the words of Joseph Pilates, “Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.”



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Mat Pilates Training
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Move It Barre Teacher Training

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