A Wish for the New Year

A few months ago, I finally sat down and put into words so many of my feelings surrounding Move It Studio’s mission. If you haven’t read it yet, please do! In what I titled my Move It Manifesto, I talked a little bit about my experience in the dance world and what brought me to start the studio. I also, talk about what we intentionally focus on at Move It Studio, empowering you through movement. Recently, I had an experience with a local advertiser that I felt went against the principles I’ve built my business upon. My image was edited without my permission and it made me appear quite a bit smaller than I actually am. Although I didn’t look unhealthy, it was a big issue for me and I addressed it with the owner who was very gracious (here is their apology). 

I’m sharing this with you because I think it’s important in my own personal journey of accepting myself and my body exactly where it is right now. I also share it because I truly believe that you should do the same. So often we worry, if we accept where we’re at, does that mean we will never change? It’s something I still struggle with every day in many aspects of my life as someone who is very driven to improve. What I continue to find time and again is that what I view as my shortcomings often become my strengths. 

I spent many years, pushing my body to the extreme. More recently, I’ve done so with lack of sleep and really taking care of my basic needs because I felt that I just couldn’t take care of myself and others at the same time. My body and mind continue to teach me that I need to prioritize myself. In the past, this would have looked very different. Now, I am working to set small baby step goals and take the wins as I get them. I don’t want to spend my life wishing I was different than I am now whether in body, mind, or spirit.

At Move It Studio, we want you to feel that you have a safe space to come as you are. To move with others who are doing their own work just like you. To gain strength, confidence, and enjoy the beauty of dance. We want your life to be energized. The first step is recognizing the beauty that is already present for you and fully embracing this one time journey we get to take together. This experience has taught me that the path to acceptance is not always linear, we may have stumbles along the way. It’s also taught me that I can be confident in what I offer to the world and that the amazing support system around me will hold me up when I need it the most. I choose to focus on the beauty of the love around and within me. After all, that’s more important than anything and I know that as I keep taking the next step, the rest will come into place. 

As the new year approaches, I hope we can continue to support each other in showing up. Showing up as we are and being okay with it. When we do this, we empower others to do the same. Little by little, as we continue, culture starts to shift. That is my hope for you, for me, for the studio, and for the future: a new way of moving. I’d love for you to join me. 

Sending love to each of you this holiday season and into the new year.



My Move It Manifesto: Marie’s Message to You
My Move It Manifesto: Marie’s Message to You

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