What empowers you?

At Move It Studio, we focus on energizing your life through movement. We focus on helping you to learn more about how amazingly strong your body is and work towards achieving new goals rather than simply trying to lose weight. We know that if you take classes consistently, you will not only see results, but discover a new sense of strength. We hope that through this approach, you feel empowered by your workouts with us.

With the current political climate, it is even more important to us that you as women remember your inner power. It’s also important that our studio is a welcoming place to all those who feel disenfranchised. We value each of you as the unique individuals you are. That’s why we’ve launched #IAmEmpowered. Each teacher this week designed her playlist around the theme of empowerment. As we move forward, we’ll also have other ways for you to share what empowers you. We’d love for you to start sharing pictures on Instagram with #IAmEmpowered.  As we create a safe and encouraging space, we trust that focusing on the good in the world will spread the positive energy we all need. We are all unified by movement. And each time we teach a class, you inspire us.

If you’re looking for a way to get involved with spreading the love today, the ExtraGive is the perfect way! Starting at midnight tonight and running for 24 hours, you’ll be able to give to hundreds of local organizations working to improve the quality of life throughout Lancaster County through social services, arts, health care, education, and more. Take a moment to check out the site, it’s Lancaster’s most inspiring day of the year!

Let’s keep moving together!



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