Make this summer yours!

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know what I’m getting ready to share isn’t for everyone…in fact, now it’s only for one, single person.

Chances are I know that person really well…

I know she loves her Move It classes.

I know she’s seen results; felt healthier, happier, and stronger because of taking classes at Move It Studio.

I know she wants to commit to in her health and wellness.

I know she’s been thinking about becoming a member.


Maybe she’s having a hard time justifying the investment.

Maybe she’s worried that she won’t fully take advantage of all Move It has to offer.

Maybe the thought of signing herself up for something on top of everything else just feels like too much.

Maybe she’s already coming 3 times a week, but she’s scared to make it official in case something changes.

The truth is, things do change. What remains consistent is the feeling you have when you leave the studio. A feeling that doesn’t come from going to the gym. It‘s a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

I understand how difficult it is to commit to yourself! I’m still figuring out how to do that with all of the changes and challenges I face. That’s why I want to give you no excuse but to jump in with us this summer at Move It Studio. Starting today, May 9, we’re launching two summer unlimited options to 20 people ready to take the next step. We’re giving you the chance to experience all that Move It Membership has to offer (because we know you’ll love it) with these two options:

Summer Unlimited Pass– Prepay for your summer experience at Move It with one payment of $450 and reap all the benefits of an unlimited summer of membership. This pass is open to 5 movers only and must be prepaid by May 31. It activates June 1 and expires August 31. ONLY ONE LEFT!

Summer Unlimited Membership – Join the unlimited club for 12 months and get your first three months for $129 per month, plus your activation fee waived (savings over $100)! This membership is open to 20 movers and begins starting the date of purchase. Because this offer is super-special, you’ll need to contact us directly to reserve your spot.

(current members are eligible to upgrade or get the savings with an extension of their contract for three months!)

Maybe you still don’t feel ready. That’s okay. Shoot us an email and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

The clock to get serious about making yourself a priority starts now. Join 25 other Movers ready to take the next step in their Move It journey!

Because the truth is, you deserve it! You are strong, independent, and you know what works.

What’s to lose?

See you at the barre!



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