Gift Card Sale

‘Tis the season of giving and our annual gift card sale is back! From now through Monday, December 2 only, you’ll enjoy $20 off the $100 gift card or $10 off the $50 gift card. These deals are only available once a year and are the perfect way to share the love with the movers in your life.

With your purchase, not only are you supporting local small business, you are making an investment in a life-changing experience. Members often share that the studio provides an amazing workout that strengthens body, mind, and spirit. It’s so much more than a fitness studio!

The holiday season is a reminder to focus on what is important. Behind the gatherings and gifts is connection. At Move It Studio, we love connecting with you and connecting you with your inner dancer. As we move into a season of busyness, let’s remember to invest in movement so that we can continue to do and be all that we want to for those around us.


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