February Challenge: It’s time to feel the movement.

What does a day in your life look like? Running from one thing to the next, trying to balance work, money, and family. With everything going on it can be easy to forget about what inspires you. Maybe you’ve been so exhausted, you haven’t thought about your feelings for a while. Maybe you’ve forgotten what you’re missing.

So let us be the friend who reminds you that you deserve to recharge, you deserve to find joy, you deserve to feel the movement. And movement can look like moving your body, your spirit, and connecting with others to create change. So ask yourself another question? What can my day look like? Where can I find joy in my physical, mental, and communal being. Because feeling the movement is what we’re about at Move It. A place for you to be challenged and leave feeling energized to take on the next thing. What if the most important thing you can do is show up for you?

It’s time for a new challenge. One that measures success by both setting a goal and acknowledging how you feel throughout the process. Coming in February, join us for the Feel the Movement Challenge. Here are the details:

Feel the Movement Challenge

February 1 – 28

Take 20 classes in 28 days, mark how you feel after each class to see your progress (chart will be in studio with a digital chart for At Home members).

Sign up now at your level of choice – 
$10 entry fee gets you a digital guide and an exclusive tank
 $30 gets you the digital guide, exclusive tank, + curated shop move it bonus box

Make sure you have an active membership or class pass so you can get in on all the goodness awaiting you. 

Questions? We’re here for you. Simply send us an email or text/call us at 717-925-9970. A team member will reach out to you ASAP. We’re still here because we believe deeply in the transformative power of movement, intentional movement together. Check out the video for inspo and sign up today to save your spot. 


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