April’s Earth Mama Collection is Here

 Spring is about awakening. It’s about flowering. It’s about blooming. What we often forget is that in order for flowers to bloom, the roots need to go deep and there needs to be a time of dormancy. What an analogy. A beautiful example of this concept is seen in the Lotus. If you’ve ever listened to meditations or attended yoga classes, you’ve seen a lotus flower and probably heard about it. By simply reading about how lotus flowers survive and thrive, so much of life is beautifully encapsulated in their mere existence. 

A few key points about Lotus plants:

  1. They need stillness to grow. They thrive in flood plains, ponds, slow-moving rivers, deltas.
  2. They aren’t afraid to spread the love. Hundreds of thousands of seeds are dropped every year. Some seeds sprout, most are eaten by wildlife, some stay dormant. All are serving a purpose.
  3. Sometimes, it takes a flood to open them up. Dormant seeds stay viable even when a pond dries out. When a flood comes, changing the conditions, the seeds break open and grow into a new colony.
  4. They are here to stay. The oldest recorded lotus germination is from seeds 1,300 years old recovered in northeastern China. 

What a beautiful example of learning how to thrive and adapt to changing conditions. Buddhist religions and others view the lotus as a symbol of awakening and Tara Brach has a wonderful talk called “No Mud, No Lotus” that reflects on honoring the “mud” as necessary for the beauty it creates. As we move into this new season, we reflect on the mud of the last year. I’ve found that what made up that mud wasn’t just the pandemic, it was years of pushing my body and mind without rest. Societally, it wasn’t one incident, it was generations of patriarchy and white supremacy ignoring the needs of the most vulnerable and placing dollar as power above anything else.

My kids were playing in the mud the other day. And you know how it goes. If you want more mud, you need the right ratio of dirt to water. And there’s something fascinating about mud that we have in us from a young age. Something about returning to the dirt that is comforting.

Maybe you still feel in the mud. Maybe you feel your roots growing down so that you can come back up. Maybe you’re forming buds and starting to bloom. Wherever you’re at, is exactly where you need to be. And, you won’t be there forever.

Move It is blooming anew and we welcome you to join in with us. Whether you connect with us through moving, shopping, or living intentionally, we are here for your journey. And plan to be, just like that lotus, for a long time coming. The April Shop Collection, Earth Mama, is about returning to the earth. Being grounded in your experience, and trusting when you are ready to bloom. Some of you, especially the vaccinated, are ready to get back out into the world. The focus on apparel is to give you fresh, comfortable pieces that easily transition and still make a statement. As always, each item has been thoughtfully curated for you. Stay tuned for more ways to connect through moving and living.


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