Featured Mover

Natalia Tarasiuk

What is your occupation?

Clinical Pharmacist

How long have you taken classes at Move It Studio?

About one and a half years.

Why did you start taking classes at Move It Studio?

My best friend, Natalka, moved to Lancaster and did her research and found the studio online. We wanted a way to motivate each other to work out and have fun and at the same time. Move It Studio was a perfect fit!!

What is your favorite part of taking classes at Move It Studio?

I love the guaranteed release of endorphins after every class due to the great music, awesome exercises, and enthusiasm from the teachers.

What have you gained from your time with us?

I have gained both physical and emotional strength.

What would you say to someone considering to start taking barre classes?

If you’re looking for a fun, non-judgmental, effective place to work out, I’ll see you at the barre!!!


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