It’s time to go virtual. We’re here for you.

We are in the midst of something unprecedented with facing a global pandemic. In order to help flatten the curve and keep everyone as safe as possible, the two physical studios will be closed for the next two weeks effective immediately. This decision was not made lightly. In taking into account all of the various factors, the staff decided together to close our doors in order to protect everyone for the time being. 
So what does this mean for you? You will still have access to our teachers and amazing classes. It will just be virtual! 

What we’re doing:
– We are committed to resourcing you throughout this time away from in-person classes.
– We are in the process of rolling out a fully virtual studio.Teachers are setting up in home spaces in order to host classes via Zoom.
– We are offering a modified schedule and increasing class size in order to accommodate the schedule adjustments.
– We are also offering a daily ten minute movement session at NOON via Instagram Live for FREE.
– We value each member and are limiting the full class Zoom participation to members and class pass holders only. 
– In addition, recognizing that more people will be home and needing to move, the Friday evening 6:30 PM class will be a pay-what-you-will class.
– At this moment, we are not pausing or canceling memberships or class packs.
– We will add an additional amount of time equal to the amount of time we are closed if you are unable to use your current pricing option.

What you can do:
– Reserve your spot in our virtual studio on MindBody as usual.
Download Zoom.
– Set up a small space in which you can work out (here’s a list of supplies).Subscribe to our email and follow us on social.
– Add your cell to your MindBody account to receive text updates.
– Breathe. We will get through this together.
– Keep moving. 

As we navigate this new terrain, I keep thinking about how important it is for us to allow our support systems to support us. If you are struggling, please reach out via email or phone. We will do our best to support you through this and appreciate your support for us as well. We are working to plan and resource you the best we can while also holding all plans lightly in this quick-changing environment. Thank you for your patience and for joining us on the journey!

As challenging as this time is, I am so encouraged by the teamwork happening all around the world. Now is the time to truly keep moving in a way that energizes your life. I hope you’ll join me in moving together.

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