It’s All About the Mat: Pilates Teacher Training

March 5, 2019

Joseph Pilates said, “Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.” For a man who lived through both World Wars and emigrated to the United States from Germany in the 1920s with a vision for changing whole body health, these words were poignant. Meeting his wife on the ship to the U.S. Joseph Pilates set up shop in the same building as the New York City Ballet, teaching his revolutionary movement style, “Contrology.” Now simply called, “Pilates,” this method of exercise has become a staple in millions of people’s lives, from elite athletes to the aging population.

Focusing on a mobile spine, stable pelvis, and overall balanced body, Pilates has taught us that quality over quantity is not only effective, but life-changing. Physical therapist offices, fitness centers, personal trainers, and boutique fitness studios are integrating Pilates into daily programming for numerous reasons. Whether you ask a principal dancer with a ballet company, a football player for the NFL, an individual recuperating from injury, or simply someone who wants to stay strong, Pilates is changing movement even today.

For the first time ever, Lancaster will host a Pilates teacher training at Move It Studio. Over the years, local Pilates teachers have traveled to bigger cities for multiple weeks in order to meet the qualifications to become a Pilates teacher. This spring, Move It Studio will be the site of a classical Pilates teacher training led by Deb Nehlig in partnership with Body Precision Pilates. Interested teachers can review details of the training and attend a free information session at Move It Studio (1180 Erbs Quarry Road, Suite 1) on Saturday, March 16 at 10:30 AM.

The Body Precision Mat Training Program is the foundational module in a fully comprehensive training in classical Pilates. It was developed in 1998 by owner Beth Downey and currently boasts over 100 graduates. Beth has been teaching since 1996 and completed both The Comprehensive Training Program and the Masters Program at the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder. Body Precision is nationally recognized and listed on the Pilates Method Alliance’s Registry of Schools. Individual modules may be eligible for ACE continuing education credits.

Weekend Modules will be lead by Deb Nehlig. A graduate of the Comprehensive Teacher Training at Body Precision in 2007 and Pilates Center of Boulders’ Masters Training, Deb has been teaching Pilates Mat in Lancaster or over 15 years and brings a strong foundation in the Pilates Classical work.

Full details of the training should be reviewed with contact to Deb Nehlig for acceptance into the program. Now is the time to take advantage of this first ever opportunity to train to become a Pilates teacher in Lancaster!


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